Aren’t we all just a little bit lonely

TL;DR I turned on the movie "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix. I had no reason to. I remembered watching it a few times, years ago, struck by the pastel-tinted, wistful tone of the movie. The electronic tumble in the background, accentuating the rise and fall of emotions, alien and human. The minimalist lines, clean and smooth, … Continue reading Aren’t we all just a little bit lonely


Bung Ngiraja, limestone fantasy

Walking on air sounds like a fantasy. Yet Bung Ngiraja, with it's winding trails on limestone karsts, over rickety bridges traversing narrow clefts and steep cliffs, is like a walk in an ancient Chinese painting. A giant nature melded rock garden. Located in Bau, the hill and limestone caves house swallows, who produce prized bird's … Continue reading Bung Ngiraja, limestone fantasy

Big Three Oh

I'm finally 30 years old! I don't feel any form of existential crisis if that's what you're wondering (maybe just a tad). To more adventures, and may joint pain amd grey hair be a thing of the very, very distant future. Now I can't overreact when someone calls me uncle.